My name is Wanita, I am an Australian, mum of four teenage boys. I was born and raised in Tasmania. This is my story for myself and for my sons.

We all have a legacy in life and when we leave this planet we leave behind a footprint, some more discreet than others. This is mine.

My perspective on life… THIS IS IT! Life is what is happening right now and it’s the only one we have. Life feels like you blink and you’ll miss it.

I couldn’t be more serious when I portray this to my four teenage boys, because life is beautiful (most of the time!). It needs to be taken by the balls and lived.

I want to share this, a story of me, for my boys. To not take ANYTHING for granted and to look for a silver lining in every moment of hard times or when shit totally hits the fan!! Because life can be crazy. I feel this is when we learn the most,  and where we find our strongest part of ourselves even when we don’t feel it.

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